Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well shit guys it has been an interesting day for me to say the least. Lots of verbal fights and shit. Well like i have said before i am from the Pac NW Airsoft scene and am a member of AP ( Airsoftpacific.com). Well lets just say they are some of the most interesting Airsofters i have met to date. A few of my good friends one a few of the best games during the year. One of them is known as Santa Wars which is a donation game for the toys for tots. Anyway enough ramblings for now it is 1 am and i am beat... Literary i am not even joking. Enjoy a few
pictures of my gear.

From bottom to top.
Echo1 M16 with G&P metal Stoner body kit.
Echo1 M4 piece of crap
Limited edition Noveske M4 (Picture showing the Noveske logo and Serial #)
KWA Glock 23f


  1. Wow, you sure don't mess around with this. Is that the Umbrella logo from Resident Evil...? :)

  2. those are some nice guns, any info on the FPS?

  3. Those airsoft guns look sick, I think I'm going to purchase and AK-47 airsoft.

  4. airsoft is fun, but i prefer paintball. ive seen teeth chipped from airsoft and eyes messed up. its pretty intense nonetheless

  5. I have airsoft somewhere still... following!

  6. I like the KWA Glock 23f it looks fucking brutal for a firearm. Nice post man.